Biblical Worldview

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Biblical Worldview

The Origin
In the biblical worldview, God created the heavens and the earth. Although everything is a part of God but it is not a God. In the Buddhist religion it teaches everything is a God and he is not regarded as anything personal. But there is only one God and he is my personal savior.

We were created in God's image, we share many of his attributes. We have the ability to talk, think, reason and do many other things. The Buddhist believe that humans and animals are similar and are on the same level of life, but God made man higher then the animals.

The Meaning and Purpose
The Bible teaches us that God created us for his glory and that his love for us was so great, that he wanted us to enjoy his many blessings. In return we should glorify and praise him. The Buddhist deny his existence altogether, believing that man's purpose is to eliminate sin and desires and enter into and state of Nirvana.

God created man with a mind to make his own choices, he gave us freely the will to choose between right and wrong. In Buddhism you are a God, and have to look within yourself for answers. In the christian worldview, sowing and reaping is also comparable to the Karma in the Buddhist religion.

Salvation is a gift that is freely given to anyone who wants to receive it. You have to be spiritually reborn again and repent of your sins. Through Jesus Christ there is eternal life. The Buddhist believe by doing good deeds you can enter in a state of Nirvana, which is not heaven but freedom from this world.

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