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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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When one thinks of human trafficking and abolishing it forever, it is quite difficult to imagine someone who would be against trying to stop this heinous act. I will endeavor to show who these organizations are and how they oppose the law’s, government institutions and NGO’s trying to abolish human trafficking. I will also expose the myths and fallacies of human trafficking in an attempt to bring honesty and truth to this very disturbing subject. In view of the plight of those trafficked, something must be done. The main points of my thesis are:

I do not believe that NGO’s and government institutions that are working against human trafficking are doing so only to misappropriate the funds. To say that all NGO’s and government institutions are in the fight against human trafficking in order to gain funds inappropriately is preposterous. The amount of NGO’s spread across the world is enormous, but yet the threat of human trafficking still even larger! NOG’s usually consist of ex-traffickers, ex-slaves or ex sex workers both voluntary and involuntary. So how can we say human trafficking is not real when the very people that where lost in its trap are the ones trying to abolish it? The drastic decrease of victims  in U.S government figures is due to the tireless efforts of the NOG’s and Government Institutions. Organizations against the laws and people trying to stop human trafficking argue that NGO’s and the government inflated the numbers of human trafficking due to the fact that they are now so low. Is it not reasonable to say that these numbers are so low due to the efforts of those same NGO’s and government officials? Even if the numbers are so drastically low because in the beginning they where miscalculated, just one person being trafficked is enough to fight for change. Are we as a nation doing enough to curb the tide of human trafficking? As one of the richest and most powerful nations on the globe, are we really doing all that we can do to curb the...
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