Biblical Guidelines about Women's Dressing

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  • Published : May 26, 2009
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DEUT 22:5

A woman must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear women's clothing, for the LORD your God detests anyone who does this.

The desire to emulate men in dress has seriously affected the fine and noble characteristics of womanhood. Often it takes a second glance to determine the sex of a woman today, due to the distorted and strange garb she wears and the close proximity of her attire to that of a man. The Scriptures call this practice an abomination unto God, or something God hates.

Perhaps some will say this standard has changed due to the inception of the age of grace introduced by Jesus Christ. But this verse deals with moral law and with the nature of God, which never change, not with a ceremonial ritual fulfilled by Christ. Moreover, when the Apostle Peter wished to instruct Christian women about proper conduct, he used Sarah, the wife of Abraham, as his example (I Peter 3:5). Thus, we are not out of order in this instance to use a verse of Scripture from the law. We rightfully go back over the years and learn a spiritual lesson that sharply rebukes the customs and practices of our day.

You see, all these questions that people argue about can be settled just by plain old common sense. The principle is to let the appearance be different enough that folks won’t have any doubt. That’s the way to answer it all. You don’t have to get everybody’s ok on this piece of clothing, or that one, just draw the line and determine to wear something that no one will ever have a doubt about. It’s going to look like man’s clothing. It’s going to look like women’s clothing. What about when working out in the field? What about women working in factories? What about women who have to climb on ladders? Don’t they need something modest? Yes, they do need something modest. I used to see women out in the field picking cotton and so on. I used to see them wear overalls, but I also saw some of them pit dresses on over their overalls. That was common when I was a girl. Now I know that some of them didn’t wear dresses over their overalls. Some of them did others things that were wrong, too. You know, too, there are some other things to wear, such as culottes, which are just as modest and still look feminine. That’s what you ought to wear. If you can’t buy any, get a sewing machine and learn how to sew It’s worth the expense and trouble to make that adjustment if you are going to have convictions. Do not wear clothing that the opposite sex wears. And if you are in doubt about it, just don’t and you will be safe. Just make sure that what you wear identifies you as a male or as a female and not in a way that a person would have to look at the tempting zones of the body to tell whether or not you are a male or female. This is what the Devil wants you to do, and surely you don’t want to cooperate with the Devil on this matter.

Second, what do you look like when you wear these clothes? What do you look like from a distance? You’ve had the same experience that I’ve had of being out in public and seeing somebody at a distance and not being really sure if that person is a male or a female. You can’t tell by the clothes, because girls wear pants just like boys do. They wear T-shirts just like boys do. The boys often have their hair just as long as the girls (or the girls’ just as short as the boys), so you look at someone from a distance and you often cannot tell if the person is a male or a female. The only way you can tell is to look at those portions of the body that distinguish between male and female, and by the way, this is the Devil’s reason behind it all. That is what he wants you to look at. He doesn’t want you to look at somebody’s head; he wants you to look other places. That is one of the things that makes this so wrong, and we need to see that. We should not wear clothing which at a distance would make anybody wonder whether we are male or female.
Her hair style is again predicated...
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