Bible and Beowulf Reading Journal

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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Beowulf reading journal

Entry 1

Lines 703-1250

God-cursed Grendel (true kenning)

Cloud-murk (half-kenning)

Hell-serf (true-kenning)

Wound-slurry (half-kenning)

Wave-Vat (half-Kenning)


Epic poetry line that stuck out:

Line 927-930 “first and foremost, let the Lord Almighty be thanked for this sight.”

Line 1057 “past and present God always prevails.”

Entry 2
Nick Yasi

Lines 1251-1887


Line 1259: Hell-Bride (true-kenning)

Line 1274: Hell-Brute (true-kenning)

Line 1276: Death-Den (half-kenning)
Line 1312: First-Footing (true-kenning)


Line 1317: Floorboards banged

Line1408: Prince Preceded

Epic poetry line that stuck out:

Line 1272 “He (Beowulf) relied for help on the lord of all.

Entry 3
Nick Yasi

One thing that really stuck out to me, which I find really neat, is after

Beowulf returns to Heorat and Hrothgar praises Beowulf’s goodness,

evenness, and loyalty, he begins to contrasts him with the evil King

Heremod, and predicts a great future for him. He delivers a long speech

about how to be a good and wise ruler by choosing eternal rather than

earthly rewards. And when I read this I couldn’t help thinking about

Solomon and how he asked for wisdom instead of earthly things. Also it

seems, for me at least, that reading this story and hearing all the biblical

references helps me understand and want to read the bible a lot more

than I do already. Cause in a sense Beowulf isn’t even close to being as

epic as the bible.
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