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Harbin Chapter 26
1.Why did Paul write to Philemon and what did he ask him to do?Paul’s primary purpose of the letter was to intercede on the behalf o f a runaway slave. Paul asked Philemon to treat the willingly returning slave humanely, recognizing that he was now a brother of Christ. 2. What was happening to the church in Colosse that caused Paul to write to it?Paul was concerned about the Colossian’s faith and of their hope in the light of the false or “new gospels” that were springing up 3. How is Paul’s letter to the church in Ephesus different from the one to the Colossians? Why?- Paul had a special relationship with Ephesus. - He founded the church during his 3rd missionary journey

- Ephesians had no major problems
- He spent more than two years working w/ believers
- He had more of a solid foundation than any other church
4. What were the key issues underlying Paul’s letter to the Philippians?- To ask the Philippians not only for their financial aid, but also for the “lending” Epaphroditus to him. - Paul also addressed the concerns of the church regarding his health - He talked to the Ephesians about their love and faith

5. What happened to Paul after he was released from prison?- Paul freed from Prison was about 62 CE - He prepared the Philippians to stay encouraged and to continue to grow in love and to progress in their faith. - That someday everyone would acknowledge Jesus the Messiah and His sovereignty, including both human and spiritual beings 6. Trace the key events in the lives of the remaining apostles. Harbin Chapter 27

1. What is a Catholic epistle?Letter written to the larger geographical regions. 2. What is the focus of 1 Peter?The five New Testament epistles (James, I and II Peter, I John, and Jude) that were addressed to the universal church rather than to particular Christian communities. 3. How is 2 Peter different from 1 Peter and why is this important?2 Peter dealt...
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