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Bias, Rhetorical Devices and Argumentation

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Bias, Rhetorical Devices and Argumentation

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The first biased statement that was made in the speech was personal bias. The speaker was stating that Mr. Kane could perform better than Mr. Gettys. The speaker was being judgmental to Mr. Gettys. The campaigner was also being prejudicial to Mr. Kane. These are both forms of bias. Mr. Kane was scapegoating during his speech. He was blaming the problems the people had on Mr. Gettys. Mr. Kane was also apple polishing. He was appealing to the working man, slum children, underprivileged, underpaid, and the underfed. He told them that they were smart for voting for him and not Mr. Gettys. Mr. Kane also used the ad hominem fallacy by attacking Mr. Gettys as a person and not his argument. Mr. Kane called Mr. Gettys dishonest and a villain. Mr. Kane also states a fallacy that he wants to help the underprivileged, but does not have the time to make specific promises. Mr. Kane also uses the fallacy of begging the question. He states the straw votes, and the independent polls say he will become the next governor. This statement suggests that Mr. Kane will be the next governor, but until the votes are cast this is not true. Mr. Kane used alliteration in his speech. The whole of the speech was in one tone. He also used hyperbole in his speech as well. His statement of prosecuting Mr. Gettys was exaggerated. He also exaggerated Mr. Gettys as a person. Mr. Gettys is not really a villain. He may not be a nice man but to be called a villain is an exaggeration. The speaker argued in his speech that he did not make any campaign promises because he did not know if he would win. He also argued that because of the polling results he knew that he had a better chance of winning than Mr. Gettys did. I do not believe that there is a counterargument in this speech. He did not argue any points made by Mr. Gettys. He did not state any argument Mr. Gettys made at all. I believe that the speaker’s arguments were affective for the people he was addressing. He used the audience’s problems...

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