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Bias Media Coverage

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Media publications can manipulate the news using a variety of strategies that can alter the readers' perception. Publications can navigate their audience through what it feels is potent and viable concerning a specific topic. The factors that can contribute toward an altered point of view are the publication's audience, their lifestyle, interests, and its level of sophistication. But, there are more contingent variables that create a divergent representation of objective truth. Such catalysts include manipulation of the text through diction, tone and the articles' actual credibility. Through this, the media has the power to persuade its audience's point of view. There are two articles that can serve as an archetype for this notion. Both The Miami Herald and The St. Petersburg Times discuss a recent controversial issue concerning gay adoption in the state of Florida. In 1977 the state passed a statue prohibiting homosexual men and women from adopting children. Florida, Mississippi and Utah are currently the only states that do not legalize any form of adoption by same sex coupled parents. Then in 1999, lawsuits were filed by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) in the interest of various gay couples whose desire was to become adoptive parents but were restricted by the law. After months of heated debates in Florida's U.S. District court, on Thursday August 30 Judge James Lawrence King ruled in favor of the state's ban on homosexual adoption. The decision caused a variety of feelings. These contrasting sentiments are evident in the press' misappropriation of the news in both articles. After examining "The Miami Herald" article, one can note that the article pleads to the reader's emotions by conveying a message that men and women with homosexual tendencies are being unjustly discriminated against. It is clear that this article speaks to a relatively...

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