Bias, Fallacies, and Specific Rhetorical Devices

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  • Published : July 30, 2011
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What are some examples of bias, fallacies, and specific rhetorical devices in the speech? In the speech kane uses a variety of bias which include political bias in which he is doing against Jim W. Gettys. He also uses different types of fallacies which are scapegoating, and apple polishing,and ad hominen , and using straw man fallacies and he also two others ones false dilemma and slippery slope plus begging the question too . He also uses a few different types of rhetorical devices in his speech , which include the following alliteration ,hyperbole,euphemism and paradox and metaphor. How did the speaker address arguments and counter arguments? In his first argument he stated that he had one purpose only in his election for governor and that was to bring out to the public the dishonestly and the downright villainy of governor Jim W. Gettys political machine. In his second agrument that he didn’t have a chance of getting elected , until a few weeks ago that something happen to change his decision about winning the election for governor. In his thrid argument is that jim gettys don’t stand a chance against him in the election for governor because of every straw vote and independent polls showes that he will be elected governvor. Kanes fourth agrument is that he would do everything for the working man , the slum child, and the decent ordinary citizen to protect the underprivileged,the underpaid, and the underfed. I think one of the counter arguments is that when he is elected as the governor , he will appoint a special district attorney to indictment ,prosecution,and conviction of Jim W. Gettys. Were the speaker’s arguments effective? In my personal opinion is that the speaker’s arguments are effective and that he is changing the minds of the people who were behind Jim W. Gettys, and now the people were getting behind Kane in his fight for the governor seat against Jim W. Gettys. The people was cheering for Kane because they knew how bad that Jim W...
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