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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Treyvon Martin Bias
Applied Behavioral Science 360: Detecting Bias & Evaluating Sources Seattle Central Community College Library 1. BBC News - Trayvon Martin: Prosecutor decides against grand jury 2. New York Post - Ex-NAACP big rips Al & Jesse for handling of Trayvon Martin shooting 3. Christian Science Monitor - Race in America: Trayvon Martin, Tulsa killings raise contentious questions 4. Daily Beast - Why Conservatives are Smearing Trayvon Martin's Reputation 5. The Nation - Trayvon Martin: What It's Like to Be a Problem 6. National Review - Why Manipulate the Tragedy of Trayvon Martin? 7. Fox News - House Dems host Trayvon Martin's parents on Hill, claim racial profiling led to shooting Directions: After reading each of the articles, answer the following questions. Be specific in your answers. Use references from the story. Put your answers on loose leaf or type them! 1. How does each title show any bias? (If it does.)Explain by referring to the specific title. Use 2 stories to explain. 2. Is the message one-sided?

3. Are there positive words to describe his/her point of view? 4. BBC News
What does the title “imply”?
5. NY Post
In the first paragraph, “The furor over the shooting of Florida teen Treyvon Martin is being “exploited” by the likes of Jesse Jackson …yesterday.” Read the entire quote. What does the choice of words tell you about any bias that exists? Be specif. Explain with references. 6. NY Post

What does the pastor accuse Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton of? Quote from the story to back your statement up. Bryant is an outspoken conservative. The fact that he is a “conservative” tells you what? 6. Christian Science Monitor “contentious questions?

What does the use of the word “contentious” in the story tell you? 7. Daily Beast
What is the significance of the title of the article?
8. How does the reference to Treyvon Martin’s Facebook page, his tweets, “wanna be gansta” etc....
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