Biag Ni Lam-Ang

Topics: Courtship, Marriage, Don Juan Pages: 3 (728 words) Published: July 17, 2011
Biag ni Lam-ang

Epic Characteristics

● The epic used simple words that makes it easy to understand.

● The epic is unrealistic in the ff. parts of the epic:
1. Lam-ang was able to talk from the moment he was born.
2. So much dirt and so much evil was the smell taken of Lam-ang’s body, the fish in the river all died. 3. The white rooster’s crow made a house in the neighborhood immediately collapsed. 4. The dog’s growl made the collapsed house went up again as if nothing happened. 5. With the recovered and gathered bones of Lam-ang, he lived again.

● The part – Lam-ang was nine months old and his father had not yet returned, he resolved to go after his father and travelled – is confusing as he was only nine months old, he was able to travel; The white rooster told Ines that if Lam-ang’s bones were recovered and gathered, he might be revived – is also confusing as if the white rooster was able to talk.

● The epic showed Filipino tradition in a way that:
1. Ines’ parents would bestow the hands of their daughter to Lam-ang if he could equal their wealth.


● While Don Juan went to the mountains to punish an Igorot band, Namongan gave birth to a baby boy that could talk from the moment he was born and wanted to be named Lam-ang.

● When Lam-ang was nine months old and his father still has not returned, he was resolved to go after his father. Soon as he reached the place, he found the Igorots celebrating around the death of his father. He slew them all, except one whom he tortured.

● In his return, he fell in love with Ines and courted her, bringing a white rooster and a dog with him.

● On his way to Kalanutian, he met Sumarang and slew him.

● When he arrived at the house of Ines, he found his rivals. He made his white rooster crow and a house collapsed. Then he made his dog growl and the house was rebuilt. Duly impressed, Ines’ parents said that they would bestow the hands of Ines to him if he could match their wealth.

● He went...
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