Biag Ni Lam Ang

Topics: Marriage, Benguet, Mother Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: June 27, 2011
Biag OF THE LAM-An Ifugao Epic
Peter Bukaneg

There was a couple named John and Namongan live far Nalbuan village. One day Don Juan left his pregnant wife and go to the mountains to punish a group of Igorot. While heading to the mountains they were born of Namongan a boy. So strange because the baby after birth had just articulate it. She wants her name Lam-. He also personally choose his godfather when he was baptized. Where is my father? one day asked by Lam-his mother, Namongan. In the highlands him to fix the misunderstanding to a group of Igorots there, his mother says. Lam-ang sad. He had not seen his father since he was born and was excited to see it. Intolerable so his return? I do not know, sad to answer his mother Namongan also be keen to see. Neither I do not even know his or her lifetime. One day dreamed Lam-ang. In his dream he saw his father, mercilessly killed by a group of Igorot. He hated when he fully awoke. She decided to follow his father into the mountains. She was nine months. When he reached the community of the Igorots, she saw them dancing cyclic head of his father nakatusok a bamboo. In his anger he has fought and killed all the Igorot, with their leaders tortured before killed. On his return to Nalbuan he had passed the river Amburayan. There was bathed him with the help of his friend's woman wiping her body to remove dirt and blood, but it killed all the animals living in rivers. When he was grown to a couple she met a beautiful woman, Ines Kannoyan and he loved it. He went to their house Ines to climb the wild with his white cock and his favorite dog. When he arrived home he was bored much of her previous lover. He ordered his rooster crow and I followed him with it. Then crumble the house also Ines and they died all his suitors. And he also commanded his dog bark and bark is. Rapid return to usual house crumbled. Went out of Ines and her parents to meet him. Ipinaramdam the signs of the love with Ines Lam-Kannoyan....
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