Biag Ni Lam Ang

Topics: Marriage, Don Juan, Mia Farrow Pages: 2 (513 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Namongan (Lam-ang’s Mother) and Don Juan (Lam-ang’s Father) had recently beenunified in marriage. Shortly after, Namongan became pregnant and Don Juan performed thevarious tasks needed to prepare for the birth. Don Juan sets out to engage into a fight with thecheckered Igorots. Namongan gives birth to a baby boy who is able to speak and requests to benamed Lam-ang. At nine months, Lam-ang discovers that his father, Don Juan, has been goneand sets out to search for him.Lam-ang brings various magic stones on his journey as well as weapons. Eventually,Lam-ang encounters an Igorot gathering and learns that his father was killed and head severed.Lam-ang then engages into battle and wins the fight with the Igorots of the various Igorot townsand villages. Lam-ang then returns home and achieves various tasks, such as cleaning the barn,washing his hair, and defeating the crocodile. Lam-ang then determines that he would like tovisit Dona Ines Kannoyan of Kalanutian and attempt to court her.Dona Ines Kannoyan is described as a “perfect” woman who has many suitors.She is the daughter of Unnayon. Against the wishes of his mother, Lam-ang travels to Kalanutianto meet Kannoyan. During his journey he encounters two people, a man named Sumarang, a mankilled by Lam-ang who shared the same task as Lam-ang, and Saridaadan, a woman Lam-angignores. Upon arriving in Kalanutian, Lam-ang observes various suitors of Kannoyan. Theanimals Lam-ang travel with create a disturbance and therefore achieves Kannoyan’s attention.Lam-ang finds that Kannoyan has been expecting him and moves on to meet the parents.Lam-ang asks for the permission to marry Kannoyan. Kannoyan’s parents allow it only if Lam-ang is capable of producing the same wealth the family possess. Lam-ang proves his prosperityand a wedding is planned. Lam-ang travels home to prepare for the wedding and returns toKalanutian with his mother, townspeople, and wedding supplies. Lam-ang and Kannoyan getmarried in a...
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