Biag Ni Lam-Ang

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  • Published : September 23, 2012
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EPIC(Sometimes called Heroic Poem)
-Are long narrative poems in which a series of heroic achievements or events are dealt with at length.
-A lengthy narrative poems in which the action, characters, and language are on a heroic level and the style is exalted and even majestic.

1. A setting remote in time and place
2. An objective, lofty, dignified style
3. A central incident or series of incidents dealing with legendary material 4. A theme involving universal human problems
5. A towering hero of great stature
6. Supernatural strength of body, character or mind
7. Supernatural forces entering the action

BIAG NI LAM ANG (Epic of Ilocos Region)
The story dates its origin during the Pre-Hispanic period of the Philippines. It is one of the greatest epic of the pre-colonial literature of the country. Like other epics, Biag Ni Lam-Ang was also passed on from generation to generation through Oral Tradition until a man, named Pedro Bukaneg finally transcribed it in 1640 for the first time.

PEDRO BUKANEG was said to have been thrown by his parents down the Abra River when still an infant because he was blind. Fortunately, a woman found him and gave him away to an Augustinian priest. He was christened as Pedro Bukaneg. He was cared for, loved and was sent to school until he became proficient in Spanish and Samtoy (an Ilocano dialect). He is now regarded as the Father of Ilocano Literature and from his name, we derived the word BUKANEGAN, which is the Ilocano counterpart of the Balagtasan in Tagalog. The story is set in the Northern Provinces of the Philippines. It is a mix of adventure and romance and the story revolves around Lam-Ang, who is a very extraordinary guy.

Story of the Life of Lam-ang, Husband of Dona Ines Kannoyan, is an Ilokano epic describing the life story of Don Lam-ang, an immortal being capable of wielding various powers of the supernatural...
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