Bi309 Lab-2: Effect of Temperature and Stimuli on Simple Muscle Twitch.

Topics: Muscle, Muscular system, Smooth muscle Pages: 4 (1029 words) Published: May 22, 2013
BI309 Lab-2

Name of student: Anisa Dreunibakarua
ID #: S11033198

Title: Effect of Temperature and Stimuli on Simple Muscle Twitch.

Skeletal muscle is a type of striated muscle that is attached to skeleton to facilitate movement by applying force to bones and joints through contraction. Skeletal muscle generally contract voluntarily when stimulated by the nerve, although they can also contract involuntarily at times. Muscle action is controlled by the Nervous System. Nerves are in touch with muscle by motor end plates which convey a stimulus to contract. Muscle activity is not always a smooth ride as it can be affected by its surrounding. Muscle tissues have its plasticity nature, in which case it has to adapt to its surrounding environment and activity that it carries out daily. Different environmental temperature and work intensity can influence the nature or physique of a muscle tissue. In this Laboratory activity, the gastrocnemius muscle tissue of a toad was observed under different temperature and influence of different stimulus. The Contration phase, relaxation phase and peak of contraction of all stimuli will be compared and contrasted.

Material and Methods: As per the lab handout


Discussion of results-

In a simple muscle curve (such as fig1) there are five points that indicate the changes of different phase. Point A is the point of stimulation. Point B is the beginning of contraction. Point C’ is the amplitude of muscle contraction. Point C is the relaxation of the muscle. Point D is the end of muscle contraction and relaxation. There are 3 different phases observed between these points in this simple muscle curve. From Point A-B is the Latent period. Point B-C is the Contraction period. Point C-D is the relaxation period. While point C’ shows the strength of muscle contraction.

With the test of different temperature (as in fig 2,3 and 4) it is observed that as the temperature increases from 10oC to...
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