Bi-Racial in Society

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Bi-Racial in Society

By | May 2007
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Running head: LIVING IN COLOR

Living In Color

Jesse Robey

Axia College

In your community when your ethnic background puts you on both sides of the racial spectrum do you show support for both groups or lean more towards one group than another. Additionally, how do I find my stance on issues and identify myself with them?

In Sacramento California you will find that I resemble a bi-racial man. On certain days I can appear to look like a full fledge Caucasian male and on others an African-American male. With members and residents in my community it has been quite interesting with how I am spoken to and approached. Very few in my community look like me and honestly in my part of town bi-racial children are just now starting to appear in schools. In my community you'll find two types of groups in people: Young African-American families just starting out in home ownership and also retired Caucasians that have lived in the area for decades and many are retired from the military.

It has been clearly evident with how the media has been portraying the African-American youth as opposed to the Caucasians, Hispanics, Russian, and Asian youth. The media has been negatively showing the impact of the African-American youth in my community by showing how drugs, lack of education, and single parent homes are ruining a generation. Now it is clearly my opinion that these same problems are not only affecting blacks alone but as well as members of the minority and majority of my communities' population. With that being said I know nine times out of ten the media often report stories or information without completely verify statistics and/or fully researching the facts.

Now it may be worth mentioning that in my area we also house the continuation high school and adult school. Not that it is a bad thing but the predominate ethnic group that attends these schools are of African-American. So most of the communities perception based on casual conversations blame the...

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