Bhs312 Module 2 Case

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BHS312 - Principles of Management
Introduction to Management
Module 2 – Case
Planning and Organizing: The Management Function of Organization Me
TUI University
Dr. Someone, PhD
Summer 2012

Module 2: Case Assignment: The Management Function of Organization In this module we look at organizing as a managerial function. As one of your readings indicted "the purpose of the organizing function is to make the best use of the organization's resources to achieve organizational goals." One of the major resources of an organization is its staff to whom work must be assigned and delegated. Case Study Assignment Expectations:

After reading the background materials, conduct additional research and respond to the following: 1. Discuss the delegation function of a manager. Why is delegation an important function; particularly, in the health care setting? 2. What is the relationship between delegation and empowerment? 3. Describe and analyze the potential dangers of delegation. Hoe does delegation influence or impact empowerment? (This is the most important part of this assignment and gives you an opportunity to apply critical thinking to the assignment.) The page length for this assignment should be between 3-5 pages (not counting your title page and references). Please utilize at least 3 references. Be sure to properly cite all references both within the text (at the end of paraphrased paragraphs) and at the end of your paper. I will grade your paper on your ability to address the assignment criteria listed above with depth and breadth of discussion. I will also critique your writing format (i.e. proper reference citations, spacing, etc.).


Over the span of the past 30 years “the dramatic loss of market share that American firms have experienced at the hands of foreign competitors has had an indelible impact on our views of quality, productivity, cost-effectiveness, staffing patterns, and management practices throughout every corner of American enterprise.”(Anonymous, n.d.). The word ‘Downsizing’ has become a most formidable term as of late, where companies are forced to ‘trim the fat’ within in order to keep profits stable in order to stave off loss. Downsizing is a term that can be defined as a reduction in number or size in response to a poor economy (TheFreeDictionary, n.d.). Companies are forced to dismiss; i.e., layoff, workers and/or replace expensive machinery/products with more cost effective ones in order to stay in the green leaving the remaining managers inundated with ever increasing duties. “The population is undergoing a number of significant changes that will affect organizations and their management in many ways.”(Johnson & Packer, 1987). With downsizing, delegation becomes a more dominant role. Delegation function of a manager

A Manager or Management can be commonly defined as being "the accomplishment of work through others" (Anonymous, n.d.); where delegation is the assignment of one or more meaningful tasks or responsibilities, either operational or managerial in nature, to a subordinate or subordinates. This is a very simplified definition of delegation, for it could be misconstrued that only the trivial or relatively meaningless tasks are subject to delegation. Asking, telling, or requiring a subordinate to bring a manager a cup of coffee is not delegation; it is an errand. Effective delegation is not the assignment of totally programmed tasks where all responsibilities are predetermined, but the assigned tasks that require the qualified subordinate autonomy with communicating and decision making on a specific task or tasks that have impact in the company as a whole (Anonymous, n.d.); although the manager is ultimately responsible for the success or failure of the task, he/she has, essentially, cuts his/her stress factor down by way of relinquishing a large part of the responsibility and decision making component in order to focus on other projects....
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