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Meaning : Mendahului, mendahulukan

Boutros Boutros-Ghali preceded Kofi Annan as the Secretary-General of the UN.


Meaning :Daerah sekitar, batas, perbatasan

the area which surrounds a building or place, especially one with a wall around it

A tunnel entrance was found within the precincts of the prison camp.


Meaning :karang curam

a very steep side of a cliff or a mountain.

The film opens with a shot of a climber dangling from a precipice.


Meaning :tepat, betul, seksama, teliti

exact and accurate

The bunker's precise location is a closely guarded secret.


Meaning :tumbuh dengan cepat, perkembangan yang pesat

(especially of children) showing mental development or achievement much earlier than usual

She recorded her first CD at the precocious age of 12.


Meaning :orang yang terlebih dahulu memegang jabatan

someone who had a job or a position before someone else, or something which comes before another thing in time or in a series

My predecessor worked in this job for twelve years.


Meaning :lebih berkuasa, lebih banyak, lebih berpengaruh

more noticeable or important, or larger in number, than others

Research forms the predominant part of my job.


Meaning :keunggulan, keulungan

more important or better than others

She is the pre-eminent authority in her subject.


Meaning :prasangka, dugaan, kerugian

an unfair and unreasonable opinion or feeling, especially when formed without enough thought or knowledge

Laws against racial prejudice must be strictly enforced.


Meaning :pembesar agama, Uskup

an official of high rank in the Christian religion, such as a bishop or an abbot

The prelate died while he was speaking about religion


Meaning :yang pertama, terpenting, utama


She watched the premier movie last night


Meaning :permulaan, persiapan

done in order to get ready for something

Differences over these issues narrowed during the preparatory meetings.


Meaning :kata depan

in grammar, a word which is used before a noun, a noun phrase or a pronoun, connecting it to another word

When I was in senior highschool, my english teacher taught me about how to use preposition.


Meaning :prerogativehak istimewa

something which some people are able or allowed to do or have, but which is not possible or allowed for everyone

Alex makes all the big decisions . that's his prerogative as company director.


Meaning :firasat, pertanda

to show or suggest that something, often something unpleasant, will happen

But still the economy is not showing signs of any of the excesses that normally presage a recession.


Meaning :kb. orang Prebiterian. -ks. Presbiterian. P. Church Gereja Presbiterian.

Meaning :perintah, resep
a piece of paper on which a doctor writes the details of the medicine or drugs that someone needs These drugs are only available on prescription
Meaning :masa jabatan presiden, kepresidenan
the job of being president, or the period when someone is a president

He has announced that he is running for the presidency.

Meaning :dugaan, kelancangan, kecongkakan
when you believe that something is true without having any proof

The presumption of innocence is central to British law.
Meaning :hal berpura2, dalih
a pretended reason for doing something that is used to hide the real reason

The border dispute was used as a pretext for military intervention

Meaning :Memuaskan
She acquired the painting at a jumble sale...
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