Bhm Malcolm X Project

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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The United States Postal Service commemorative stamp is presented in the honor of a person, during or after their lifetime, who has spent their life to better a whole community and strengthen this nation. A person truly worthy of a USPS commemorative stamp is Malcolm X (Malcolm Little), Little was a civil rights activist born too Louis Norton Little and Earl Little in Omaha, Nebraska. Little’s father was an outspoken Baptist minister and an avid supporter of Black Heritage and Black Rights. Although Little’s father was a civil rights activist, Malcolm Little had not seen that in his future. At the top of his class during junior high Malcolm aspired to be a lawyer but when a favorite teacher told him that that would never happen due to his race, Malcolm quickly gave up school, instead Little took to the life of Crime in great big NYC. After living a life of petty crimes in NYC, Little and his friend Malcolm “Shorty” Jarvis went to Boston, where in 1946 they were both sentenced to ten years in federal prison for Burglary. While in prison Little caught up with his education, here he also met a Nation Of Islam member who taught him the ways of their religion, and how it empowered the colored. After hearing the words of Elijah Muhammad and Allah, Malcolm converted to Islam, changed his name to X to get rid of his slave name (little), and was ready to spread his message on how to empower the black nation through NOI.

Malcolm X is a Man who deserves a commemorative stamp because he used all means necessary to help spread his views of what needed to happen in the Civil Rights Movements. X spread the word of NOI and taught the oppressed African Americans of the time to fight back and to demand what they deserve. The FBI, CIA, and Government of the USA kept a close eye on X due to what they believed his “Radical” speaking and ideas. While with the NOI X spread the Message of the honorable Elijah Muhammad, he spoke that the White Men was the devil, and that black people...
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