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  • Published : April 8, 2011
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We Indians love our snacks. Batata Puri, Pani Puri, Bhel Puri, Delhi Chaat, Kolkata Chaat, Mumbai Chaat, Aloo Bhajji, Dal Puri, Bada Samosa, Chota Samosa, Kachori , snacking itself is a gastronomic delight in India. The typical turnover per day is about 800-1000 Rs a day for a strategically located stall. Owning a stall costs around 40000-50000 Rs. Pricing of the items is interesting, a plate of Bhel puri is always priced at Rs15-20/-, and what changes from vendor to vendor or rather location to location. The price point is small enough to attract repeat customers from every strata of society every time the stall is in their sight. Pani Puri walas are probably the smallest format of retail They just sell few items: Pani Puris, Bhel puri, ragada patice, dahipuri etc. and that too in may be not more than couple of variant i.e. khatta or meetha (sour or sweet). Format is simple, you stand around the stall and you are given a disposable bowl . So by eating a Bhel puri you are not impacting the environment in anyway, unlike the more sophisticated places where you get disposable holders made up of paper, plastic or thermocol, all of which have a degrading impact on the environment.


Our business proposition is based on the roadside ‘chaat’ and ‘Bheli puri’ business. We have studied the business prospects of some“Bhel Puri Walas” and have developed the plans to start the business with further refinement.

Vision Statement
Hygienic, branded Bhelpuri, on the move.. Everywhere
The People
All age group

Study objective
To study market feasibility of Bhel puri business & develop the plan to start the business of “Bhelpuri” with further refinement.

Research Findings
Our market research showed us that people love to eat ‘Bhelpuri & paanipuri’ on roadside carts but they have concerns about the hygiene. Though ‘Bhelpuri & paanipuri’ is also available in high end restaurants, the taste invariably is not the...
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