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Bhavnagar : A Snapshot Economy and Industry Profile Industrial Locations / Infrastructure Support Infrastructure 2

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Bhavnagar: A Snapshot


Introduction: Bhavnagar
§ Bhavnagar is located near the Gulf of Cambay in the Arabian Sea, a part of Saurashtra peninsula, in central part of Gujarat § Proximity of Bhavnagar with commercial districts of Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Surendranagar, and Amreli has made the district an important industrial location § The district has 11 talukas, of which the major ones are Bhavnagar (District Headquarter), Shihor, Talaja, Mahuva, Botad, Palitana, Ghogha and Vallabhipur § 4 Focus industry sectors: Diamond cutting & polishing, cement & gypsum, inorganic salt-based and marine chemicals, shipBotad Gadhda Umrala Vallabhipur Bhavnagar Sihor Ghogha Gariadhar Palitana District Headquarter Talukas Talaja Mahuva

Map1: District Map of Bhavnagar with Talukas

building, ship-repairs, oxygen, foundry, re-rolling, ceramics, fabrication and food processing industries § § World’s largest ship breaking yard is at Alang in the district Major tourist attractions in the district are Velavadar National park-Blackbuck sanctuary, Takhteshwar Temple,

Gaurishanker Lake, Jain Temples of Palitana and Talaja


Fact File
Geographical Location Average Rainfall Rivers Area District Headquarter Talukas Population Population Density Sex Ratio Literacy Rate Languages Seismic Zone Source: Bhavnagar District Profile 2006-07

71.15o East (Longitude) 21.47o North (Latitude) 605 mm Shetrunji, Ranghola and Kaludhar 8,628 sq. km. Bhavnagar 11 5 24,69,630 (As per 2001 Census) 205 Persons per sq. km. 937 Females per 1000 Males 66.20% Gujarati, Hindi and English Zone III




Economy and Industry Profile

Economy and Industry Profile
§ Industrial development in Bhavnagar district could be attributed to the presence of a large number of diamond cutting and polishing units, salt and marine chemicals, plastics, ship building, and breaking industries § Bhavnagar stands second in diamond cutting & polishing industry after Surat in India, with 6,000 units operating from the district and employing more than 3 lakh people § § Bhavnagar is the largest producer of salt, with 34,500 tons of salt being produced annually in the district Bhavnagar manufactures FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) boats and steel vessels at ship building 7 facility of Alcock Ashdown (Gujarat ) Ltd § § At Alang, Bhavnagar houses the largest ship breaking yard in the world Bhavnagar has about 150 units manufacturing plastic monofilaments, and more than 400 units manufacturing plastic cloth, twine, ropes, films, and multifilament yarn § Some sections of the society depends upon agriculture for their livelihood Source: District Industries Centre, Bhavnagar


§ § Major crops produced in the district are citrus, onion, guava, banana and chiku In 2006-07, Bhavnagar had the highest production of Total Area (in Hec)


Fig 1:Total Area and Production of Food and Non Food Crops (2006-07) 5000

onion and guava in the State, accounting for 4,99,112 and 52,061 Metric Tonnes (MT) respectively § § The district was the third highest producer of chiku (sapota) with a production of 31,886 MT (2006-07) Total production of cotton for the year 2006-07, in Bhavnagar was 12,73,500 Bales, the second highest in the State after Rajkot Fig 3:Total Area and Production of Major Food Crops (2006-07) 24000 600000 Total Production (in M.T.)

Total Area (in Hec)






0 Cereals
Area (in Hec)


Production (in 00 M.T.)

Fig 2:Total Area and Production of Food Crops (2006-07)

Total Production (in 00 M.T.)
800000 600000 400000
Total Production (in M.T.)

Total Area (in Hec) 18000 400000 12000

24167 27454...
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