bhaad me jao

Topics: Happiness, Positive psychology, Life Pages: 3 (1354 words) Published: October 26, 2014

According to me our forefathers were much happier than we are today because they led a life of peace and contentment with less of the worries, tension and pressure which we in the present times have to live with.            Our forefathers lived a simple life. They had fewer wants, which they satisfied by working hard. They were sturdy and healthy people because they breathed pure air and ate fresh, healthy and nourishing foods. They fully enjoyed the simple things of life and barely fell sick. And if at all they did fall sick, home remedies were their saviors. Their life span was much longer than ours today.            Our forefathers spent a lot of time with their families. The entire family found time to dine together and the parents could find time for their home and the children. They could get the problems and difficulties of their children solved easily. This is because they had a close rapport with them. Today’s family lacks togetherness, love and concern for one another and hence some of the children of today are very disrespectful. In this competitive world, parents are busy working for long hours to make life comfortable for their families. Very often they think that they can give their children more happiness and love by giving them their material wants, but they are sadly mistaken, because this leads the youth astray and into bad habits of taking intoxicants, drugs, etc.            Our forefathers were gentlemen and ladies of high values and hence were cared for and respected by the society. They hardly had opportunities of watching T.V. and danger of getting influenced by it. Their children spent time playing games and so got plenty of exercise. In today’s world, values are fast disappearing and corruption is raising its ugly head in every hook and corner.            In today’s world, everyone takes pride in feathering his or her own nest. In the olden times, people cared much for another and lived in togetherness and loved and helped each other...
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