Bfc Case Study

Topics: Marketing, Strategic management, Customer service Pages: 4 (1257 words) Published: February 9, 2013
1. Use SWOT analysis to explore the internal and external issues affecting the BFC Strengths
The most strengths of BFC are high quality handmade product catch on the market refer to sales turnover approximately 15,000 pound per week in 2009. BFC products have specific characteristic because of handmade product. It is hard to copy. Furthermore, Mr. Vine has experience in furniture making. He takes care about manufacturing and purchasing consequently it quite sure that the products still remain in the same standard. Moreover, the appropriate location, city centre site, supports the raising sales. Weaknesses

The poor management of BFC is the big problem must be concern. Most of employees cannot define their responsibility and also work without supervisor. As a result, BFC face with unfair commission problem and confliction among staffs. Few employees cannot stand with their co-worker behavior accordingly they plan to resign. Moreover, two owners do not have time to discuss and help each other to solve the problems. Not only lacking of communication but also disagreement between partners. However, products are the strong point of the business. They still rely on season hence company can cash up in a limit session. Opportunities

The BFC products are unique which already hold on the market and also have regular customers. Garden furniture is still on demand therefore it has opportunities growth in existing market and possible open the new market as new line production. Threat

The new furniture discount store

2. Identify the problems faced by the BFC under the following headings:

a. Finance
The sales turnover of garden furniture in 2010 was decreased from approximately 15,000 per week in 2009 to 12,000 per week by reason of new competitor which large furniture discount store opened nearby. Mrs. Vine had very concern about this as affect the company sales while Mr. Vine had confident in the high quality product and was not worried. In fact,...
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