Beyond the Divide Book Report

Topics: Amish, Shunning, Family Pages: 2 (839 words) Published: April 18, 2011
Book Report

By: Kathryn Lasky

The reason I chose this book is because it is about a different culture and a different life than of anyone I know.

Beyond the Divide is about a young Amish girl who felt suffocated living in the Amish community. Meribah Simon had grown up in the Amish community and the strict rules of the community felt like walls closing in around her. Her father had been shunned by the elders of the community and when Meribah found out that her father was leaving to join the gold rush she decided to go with him. On the trip to California there were many good times and just as many bad; if not more. On the journey she and her father were traveling with a group of people that were going to California as well. When her father got sick and they could not go any further the group left them behind. Meribah had to take care of her sick father and scavenge for food. They lived like this for a while until a man found them that they had met earlier in their travels. He was a leader of a group he was taking to California. He took them in and when they were close to their destination Meribah’s father died and she got left alone. She fended for herself until some very kind Indians took her in and she learned their way of life. The opportunity to go back to the white people presented itself to her but she did not take it, but instead chose to live her life in the wilderness.

Beyond the divide is a book filled with love, greed, and determination. Many changes came about in Meribah’s life after her father got shunned. When Meribah’s father was shunned by the community she still loved him. She would give him little notes of what was going on in the family because even his own family could not speak to him. There was a greater bond between Meribah and her father that even the shunning could not tear apart.

Greed was a part of life for most families traveling to California. When Meribah and her father left their home they decided...
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