Beyond Scared Straight

Topics: Crime, Criminology, Thought Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: January 29, 2013
Beyond Scared Straight
john vandermolen
There are many programs that try to deal with youth crime. Many people think that taking teenagers to a jail is a good idea. They think it’s a good idea because it will basically scare them straight and stop them from doing whatever there doing by bringing them near inmates. Although many people think it will work it will not. 28% of kids are more likely to commit crime after going to jail. On the other hand, many people think this will not benefit to these kids. Scared straight is a program that will traumatize youth and scar them for life. This is why it should be cancelled.

Some people wrongly believe this show should not be cancelled. What they fail to realize is that they may be making the kids less scared and thinking it’s not that bad, they’ll fit in. Something else they fail to realize is that this may make the kids feel tougher and become superior in their schools. In fact, these kids may feel more like celebrities than actually learning a lesson. They also ensure that it will be a safe place for the kids and it’s a good place for them to learn. The don’t realize they should be having these kids around positive role models instead of terrifying them with negative role models. Also, something they don’t seem to see is that the kids could be in danger because you never know when an inmate could just snap.

Although some people want to keep it, this show should be cancelled. We want the kids of this generation to have good role models. People in jail aren’t good role models and by bringing kids near them they may think ‘wow he’s cool ‘. These kids will be exposed to inmates and go to the cells which are not positive areas for kids as well, there will be kids who brag and make it seem like they’re tough. Some kids after doing this program will go to school and feel tough and become the bully of the school because if they dealt with inmates they may think they can deal with anyone. Kids,...
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