Beyond Charismatic Leader

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Beyond the charismatic leader

Vision and charisma are important factors in a leader to sustain large –system change. A charismatic leader is required for effective reorganization, he is someone whose visualize, give direction and energy to the organization. In order to bring an effective change there are several other factors required by charismatic leader. With attributes like excitement of individuals, aspirations and goals one has to make sure that everyone in the organization specially individuals in senior team and behaves in same way. Many organizations are large and complex and it is difficult for an individual to perform the change by himself. He requires some catalyst to drive success. Executive should build a team to leverage and add substance to his vision and bring a change. Changes are categorized into strategic and incremental. Incremental are iterative and does not effect organization immediacy and strategic are the one, which are to solve problem for a long term. Further there is anticipatory which is solving problems in advance and reactive, which is solving current problems. If there is modification of specific component driven by future organizational change then it is tuning. Reorientation is when strategic and anticipatory changes need to be implemented for future events. They take time and during transition mistakes are made, environment change and key people may leave the company. To adapt to this change executive teams must be trained to build-in learning and flexibility. They should align to the vision and should help teams to adapt to the change.
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