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In the epic poem Beowulf, both God and the devil are represented through the characters. Hrothgar; who is protected by God because he is royalty, and Grendels mother represents the devil. In the 21st century movie Beowulf, it was necessary to provide a seductive version of Grendels mother, even though she was described as a hideous monster in the epic poem.

The 2007 movie Beowulf has a lot of differences from the epic poem, and Grendels mother being an important one. In the epic poem Grendels mom actually fights Beowulf and Beowulf kills her, but in the movie it is totally different. She seduces Beowulf and convinces him to keep the gold cup in her lair. The producers and director of the movie did this because it attracts the audience who isn’t use to the Anglo-Saxon era. They would like to see a big strong man get tricked by a beautiful yet evil mother because it shoes how weak Beowulf is, even though in the poem they try to make Beowulf smart and strong because the men in the Anglo-Saxon era were known to be that way. Another result of seducing Beowulf is that Grendels mother makes their son, who is a dragon, attack and destroy Beowulf and the city. Beowulf had to kill his own son just because he was tricked by a beautiful evil women, and had to pay the consequences.

Nowadays its always fun to see the evil people fail and watch the good prevail. But in the movie evil actually wins because Grendels mother survives while Beowulf dies. This is a huge twist because in the poem Beowulf easily kills Grendels mom, but in the movie it was a huge challenge. Killing something beautiful is harder then killing something hideous. In the movie she uses her looks to seduce generations of kings and to eventually kill them all. Watching the movie, it was interesting seeing how her plan worked out.

The Anglo-Saxon worldview is not accomplished in the 2007 film Beowulf. Beowulf does not have the same characteristics as he does in the epic poem. The poem definitely teaches...
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