Between A City Life and a Country Life

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There are benefits of living a city life and a country life. The country life has better life style because there is less people to deal with. Crime rate is reduce in the country life. You got more things you can do without having people complain. It is peaceful and quiet. The city life advantages is easy way to get to a job. A faster way to get to the supermarket, Restaurant, Movie theater. The disadvantages of city life is that is way to crowded and crime rate is high and too much noise.

One of the advantages of the city life it is a moderate city. It has a lot of opportunity for jobs and other places. A good education because it has a lot of schools in the city and you can always know where to find your kid to pick him up. There are more places to shop for groceries in the city. There are more things to do with friends. Another advantages of the city life is lot of places to live in the city. They are more houses for sale and apartments to rent in the city so it will be easy to find a place and more people to help you pay for the rent. More easy access to get money out from ATM machine all over the city. A third advantage is that a lot of places are hiring so it is easy to get a job and when you live in a city you can get to job your faster and you will save gas.

The disadvantages of the city life is they are more violence and murder. They are more cops because of the crimes that are committed in the city. Another thing is the pollution in the city because lot of people drive and take the bus and all of the factory and business that release chemicals in the air harming the city. Another disadvantages is the you have to follow house rules and community rules. You have to keep your house and lawn neat all the time. Another disadvantages is that you cant do certain things that you want to do without breaking the rule of the community.

The advantages of the country life are that you got a whole land to yourself and you...
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