Better Communication in the Workplace

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  • Published : February 12, 2012
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An article entitled, “Can You Hear Me Now?” published in the December, 2011 Edition of the Firstline Magazine written by Portia Stewart, a freelance writer in Tenexa, Kansas, offered suggestions on how to improve communication in the workplace. She makes very interesting points regarding the way messages are sent and how they are received by employees and co-workers. She offers advice on how to use your words and techniques better to create targeted messages that grab attention and offer results. Communication in the workplace and in everyday life can be done more effectively by changing a few simple things and taking the gadgets and impersonal touches out of it. Timing and place is critical for getting the correct message across to the audience you have. This will also help make the messages have a more personal touch when it’s necessary. The writer gives four important personal communication skills to get your message heard once the proper time and place are established. They are as follows; be clear, be confident, have a plan, and have a back-up plan (Graham, pp.16 – 17). Keeping the conversation simple will enable the listener to hear your point and not be confused. Be direct and get to the point right away. If you try to ease your way around the topic you might take away from the heart of the issue. . Having confidence in yourself will help the listener have confidence in you. You can’t fidget or avoid eye contact with the person. Let them know that you believe in what you are saying and not unsure of yourself. When making a plan for your message, offer solutions to the problem you are addressing. You can also offer examples to help support your argument. You shouldn’t give orders to the person and expect a change. Make suggestions that will help solve the issue or ask the person what ideas they might have or tools they might need to fix the problem. Engaging the listener in this manner will open up the lines of communication and let them know that they...
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