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Please advise how to seek help for compensation on the the

following official negligence/ discriminal act:

My resident card was made invalid for no fault of mine;

probably a

9/11 aftermath reasons.
How can I claim compensation

I returned in 2003 to Pakistan with permaent resident

status and duly approved leave even from INS, to stay for a

year to attend to ailng parents in dotage.

To return to USA, I needed to pick up RR visa from the
consulate office.

The consulate office, had strictly notifed then, on their

offcial website, not

to visit their office, prior to taking initial permission

on phone, on

the matter of vsit and, availability of the due documents;


for security reasons.

I repeatedly called almost at three weeks intervals and was

told by

some consulate official that 'yOUR PAPERS have not been

received yet;

you do not need to come; wait and call again.'.

However, after a lapse of year's time, another offical

informed me to

pick up my documents for 'they are lyng here for almost a

year now;

come quick'

But at the consulate office, the offical took my resident

card and,

clipped it, making it invalid to travel.

I did protest, asked for the supervisor but all in vain.

The official at the consulate office was of a southeastern

by decent.

Was it a clerical over-look or what?

I have copies of emails reflecting my concern over backlog

by INS then on I-131 of 400 days and that of my leave being

of 365 days; however, the INS cetified renowned lawyer from

NJ who told me via email to proceed.

If needed I can forward the emails

I have volunteered in USA in the literacy programs
Been a certified teacher with Borad Of Education NY NJ &

various Adult Edu Programs
Been a tax payer from 1988 till 2002 and that of my IT

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