Better and Practice

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1.Describe the duties and responsibilities of your own work role

* Following all policies and procedures at all times.
* Keeping the boys safe from harm and abuse.
* Follow care plans and behaviour support plans.
* Keep the health and safety of the house and the surroundings. * Keeping the house clean and tidy.
* Supporting the boys to independence.
* Cooking and shopping.
* Giving the relevant medication.
* Writing the correct paperwork / daily logs.
* Attending training.
* Promoting Every Child Matters – being safe, health, enjoy & achieve, economic wellbeing. * To be consistent and professional at all times.

2.Explain expectations about own role as expressed in relevant standards

* Every Child Matters – keeping the child safe at all times. * Being healthy – promoting healthy eating / regular exercise. * Make a positive contribution – supporting the child to a good education, being hygienic, maybe personal care, giving community access to give them a better life. * Enjoy and Achieve – making sure every child gets to enjoy their life by achieving good things. This could be in education and outings; this makes the child happy. * Economic Wellbeing.

3.Explain the importance of reflective practice in continuously improving the equality of service provided

Reflective practice means to reflect on things that happen in everyday practice. By reflecting on things that happen, we can improve the care for the child by reviewing strategies to make them better, as they did not work before. This can then benefit the children as it can promote independence and performance of the young people.

Reflecting on practice enables all relevant factors to be taken into account. When reflecting, we can think what can work and what might work. This again can better the service and provide equality; by reflecting, regular services can improve for the better.

4.How do you reflect on your practice?

In everyday practice, using a journal to reflect is a good idea. This is easy to look back on what happens and come up with new ideas of working. By using a journal, we will not forget anything as it is all written down.

In the workplace, we can use daily diaries as a journal to reflect on our practice to improve our working.

We can analyse our practice, for example, write down what went well and what did not. We can then write this down in the communication book with suggestions of what to do, eg, today I gave (name) supper before a shower. Please do not do this again as we had an incident.

We can always have an open mind and look for alternatives, eg one of the boys does not like crisps, but we found out he likes Walker’s Squares. This was by trying alternatives.

Also when reflecting, I think of things from other people’s view, for example, when going on an outing and not liking busy places, would I like to go in Tesco on a Saturday? By reflecting like this, I can also make a good decision based on this.

By also thinking about consequences, it is also a good way to reflect, eg, if a boy slams doors all the time, is taking him somewhere with doors, eg, McDonalds a good idea? He could smash glass or cause injury to the public, so this would be a bad idea. If the boy likes McDonalds, an alternative could be to take him through the drive through.

5.Explain how your values and beliefs and experiences may affect working with individuals and MDS members

Values and beliefs can affect work positively and negatively. This is because what you think is right may not be right in the eyes of other people and this may cause conflict.

Experiences between each other could be different, for example, taking a child out on the bus when anxious can cause them to calm and another person could have an opposite experience and think their right. This could affect working negatively if both parties do not agree.

Culture between...
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