Better and Caring Person

Topics: Better, Improve, Volunteering Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Caring A caring person is someone who shows compassion for another person’s thoughts or feelings. In my perspective, I believe people should help each other. It has been proven that people around a caring person may have improvement in attitude. In my personal experience I have seen life’s of many be changed for the better with kind actions of a stranger or friend. In fact, one who cares can improve society by volunteering which is an unpaid job though an organization. A person who volunteers demonstrates a personal commitment to make the life’s of others exceptional. In this economy many civilians have no jobs so some tend to volunteer to help others. In September 2011, the volunteer rate excelled from 0.5 to 26.8 percent. By doing something as simple as donating clothes to an organization can make a positive difference in lives of others. When I was 10 years old my family and I went on our family vacation to the south of Mexico. Little did I know that we were not there to have fun but to take part in the fundraiser my aunt had set up. At first, I was not pleased. We were sorting out clothes, toys, and shoes for kids who had very little. I wasn’t happy with our “vacation” until a little girl who was seven-years-old came up to me and said thank you for what I was doing. Suddenly, I felt proud to help and the rest of the day I had a positive being. People can come together an experience joy by lending a hand. Society can be improved and attitudes can advance with a compassionate person. In conclusion, it is important that one should care.
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