Betta Fish Behavior

Topics: Siamese fighting fish, Fishkeeping, Gourami Pages: 3 (921 words) Published: May 11, 2011
The Betta Fish Behavior and Effects
The reason for this experiment was to test the agonistic behavior in the male Betta fish. The experiment was conducted by making puppets and showing a mirror image to the the fish; then we could record how fish responded to the stimuli. The hypothesis was supported by the experiment, and our group concluded that a fish feels his zone is being invaded when being tailed around by a mirror model puppet. Introduction

The study of ethology is the behavior of animals in the context of evolution, social organization, ecology and animal sensory abilities. The behavior could be explained as all the response an organism has to stimuli to the environment it’s in. Most of the time it’s very difficult to undo complex behavior of organisms in their environment, so therefore in order to understand behaviors of animals are studied in controlled experiments. (Coleman, 2009.) There are two key categories that are taken in account when studying animal behavior which are innate and learned behavior (Johnson, 2005.) In this case the Siamese fighting fish, known as the betta fish demonstrated an innate behavior which is agonistic behavior as well. The Male betta fish are known to be very territorial and hostile to each other. Also if the Betta is threatened they will flare up and increase fin speed, and lunge toward the stimuli that making the most threat (Waller, 1985.) In this lab we observed the Betta’s behavior as it was being provoked due to proximate and ultimate causes. Also we did the experiment by placing a mirror and puppet body stimuli to analyze the behavior of the fish. In doing this experiment, we will witness if the fish becomes more aggressive with the stimuli or stays content. The hypothesis of this experiment was that if the fish feels his territory is being invaded, then he will feel threatened and demonstrate agonistic behaviors. Materials-Methods

In this lab the material used was the male Betta...
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