Betta Fish

Topics: Siamese fighting fish, Fishkeeping, Gourami Pages: 2 (516 words) Published: March 12, 2012
“Betta Fish are also called Siamese Fighting Fish. The name Betta is pronounced as the Greek letter beta, and because of this, the name is often misspelled in American English, with one t instead of two.”1 In the tank it is most important for you not to put to of the male betta fish in the same tank or else they will fight until one dies. As the temperatures of the water changes so will the fishes’ moods and actions and an example of the water changes is that as the temperature drops in the tank so will the aggressiveness of the two betta fish. In a week they will become very lethargic and one by one they will die unless you change the temperature of the tank water.

The betta fish is a unique and enjoyable fish to add to your collection. You can not keep more than one male betta fish in the same tank. You are to keep one male and one female per tank. You can keep multiple female betta fish in the same tank as long as they are kept in a group of more than two. They will only fight, just a little only not to harm or kill one another at that certain point in time. “Betta fish originated from Cambodia and Thailand (which is why they are also known as Siamese fish or Siamese fighting fish).”3 .The betta fish are more of a type of species that isn’t the eating type and you only need to feed them once or twice a day.

“Betta fish are native to the Mekong basin in Southeast Asia.”4. It is highly recommended for most people to keep the temperature to a maximum of 78 degrees Fahrenheit and a minimum of 25 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a betta fish it is highly recommended to keep the water at a warm temperature because in the cooler waters they are more prone to diseases such as “Popeye, Dropsy, Swim Bladder Disease (SBD), Internal and External Parasites, Bacterial Infection, Tuberculosis, Inflamed Gills, Septicemia (Red Streaks), Body Slime Infection, Hole in the Head Disease, and Stress”5 which can be cured “except tuberculosis “ by changing the water...
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