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My Bestfriend
Well, I have a bestfriend but I have more than one bestfriend. But I’m going to tell you one of my bestfriend name so one is Unique. I and she have been bff’s for five years. She is 15, I am 14. Her birthday is May 14, 1998 and my birthday is June 1st 1999. Me and her are really close but since I’ve been at my aunt’s house in independence I haven’t talk to her. But moving on to my next bestfriend.

This Bestfriend name is Aaron, and this is a boy not a girl some people think his name is a girl name but it’s not. But I actually don’t know much about him because we don’t talk as much anymore. But I do know that he is 16 and his birthday is April 1st 1997. And that he is a cool person and he is a good dude to trust. But moving on to the next bestfriend.

This is my main bestfriend and her name is Ameerah and she is 14 just like me and her birthday June 1st like me. We’ve been friends for over 10 years. Since kindergarten to 9th grade. Just like me. I can actually talk to her about anything. She is that girl that is hell of cool and that anyone can trust. My 1st sleepover I’ve been to was at her house in 3rd grade I was 9-years-old. But she is like my ride or die. Which mean she’ll do anything for me and I’ll do anything for her. Well I would say more but I have more to do so moving on.

So my last bestfriend is Tjay and me and her only been friends for five years. Since 4th grade me and her lived on the same block, went to the same school except in 5th grade something happen in between time. So one day I saw her at the library and she spoke to me and whatever and we haven’t saw eachother in a year and we started back hanging out and got our friendship back together. So yea. But that’s the end so I do have 4 bestfriend’s weird but true.

Well, yea I do have more than one bestfriends but that don’t mean nothing it basically just means I only trust several people around me not several but a few but I don’t call everyone my...
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