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Best Workplace

By | November 2012
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Best Workplace
Leticia Martinez
MGT 415: Group Behavior in Organizations
Instructor: Edward D’Avola
November 5, 2012

I’ll never forget a time in High School when a Counselor told me that after I graduate, the job that I work at should not just be a job but a career that you enjoy every day. This is true for many people depending on where they work. According to Fortune, 100 Best Companies to Work for, Google, Mattel and Build-A-Bear Workshop made it to the top one hundred companies. My thesis statement is, the work environment offered at Google, Mattel and Build-A-Bear Workshop have motivated and collaborated group cohesions among employees to make these companies successful. After reviewing Google’s website about their work environment, I want to quit my job and start working there. According to Fortune Magazine, “Google in the state of California has been name the number one best company to work for in 2012” (Fortune, 2012). With Eight-teen thousand, three hundred and ninety-one employees, many may wonder how Google does it. Within the Google Company are many groups that have been built from employees to managers. Working for Google employees get to be a Googler which gives then the opportunity to either create an employee group or be welcomed into a particular group of their choice. “The group is cohesive because members like and are attracted to one another. Some major sources include member similarity and member attractiveness.” (Losh, S., 2011). Some examples of these groups are, Gleeglers, which are employees that are a cappella signing group, My-Dooglers, which are employees who bring dogs to work, and Snowglers, which are employees that enjoy snowboarding and skiing. Another reason why Google is the number one work place in 2012 would be how they foster employee’s motivation. Of course, just as any other full time permanent job, Google offers their benefits like health and retirement. However, that is not all; Google also offers...

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