Best Practices in Email

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  • Published : February 9, 2013
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* First and foremost, type the recipient’s address correctly. With a wrong address your important email will not reach the recipient – or worse will be sent to strangers. * Sharing confidential and irrelevant private information is irresponsible unless required. * Never open an email with suspicious attachment, especially from unknown sender. Always scan emails for viruses before opening. Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo automatically scan emails. * Block the person sending spams to permanently stop receiving emails from them in future.

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If you ‘flag’ a message, it remains highlighted and reminds you that you have to take some action about that email. Hotmail keeps flagged emails on top of all emails to keep reminding you.
Threaded view or conversation view shows email correspondence in context by showing emails and their replies in same page. It helps you understand what people are talking about by letting you see pas emails.

Instead of keeping all emails in Inbox, move them to relevant folders to stay organized.
Shortcuts are easy and help you work quickly. Majority of email clients have same shortcuts.
Selecting a good email client is part of using email smartly. Hotmail is world’s most popular email because of good features and ease of use. If you mention words like ‘attachment’ in email and don’t attach anything to the email, Hotmail and Gmail will alert you before sending email incase if you forgot to attach a file.

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Everybody makes mistakes. You can avoid spelling mistake with just a click on spell-checker. Wrong spelling are highly unprofessional.
Always title your emails with relevant subjects. It helps reader identify your message’s context.
Always remain to the point to avoid wasting other people’s time with lengthy, crammed emails.
Email contains only words, not facial expressions and body language. Your sarcasm, irony and humor can be misunderstood by others in email so avoid sarcasm and...
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