Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision Making.

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Best Practices in Critical Thinking and decision Making paper Communication skills for graduate study/COM505
2 December, 2009

Best Practice in critical thinking and decision making paper. I would have to admit that critical thinking skill did play a big part within my decision in returning back to school in perusing the graduate program that I am presently doing. Today we are finding more and more adult trying to get back into school to further his or her education from where he or she left off at a younger age in his or her life. Most adult that are returning back to school these days never thought that they would able to return back to school at an older age because there are afraid to attend traditional classroom or just don’t have the time due to his or her busy work life, but today adult are returning back at a great number because of so many different reason such as gaining a better position, gain better paid job or becoming a leader. Today because of the online classes that are taking place adult within the work environment are deciding to return back to college to continue their education at a higher level. According to University continues education association Trent report 2008, “adult over the age of 22 are returning to class true the online class where as under 22 are staying with their traditional classroom.” (UCEAT 2008) Due to all these new learning methods that are available today, to accommodate and teach adult made me realize that I needed to return back to school to further my education from an undergraduate to a graduated level. I would have to say that critical thinking and decision making is something that I deal with on a daily base in my life. As human we need to make decision each day. Some of our decision call for critical thinking skill and some may not. As a human being and a student learning, my decision making...
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