Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision Making

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  • Published : October 21, 2010
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Best Practices in Critical Thinking and Decision-Making
Roberta Walson
August 8, 2010
Robert Maddock

Making decisions, generating ideas, drawing conclusions and evaluating other people’s opinions require careful thought. People tend to use tools and techniques when making decisions or generating ideas; this process is considered critical thinking. Though these techniques can be very helpful, it is important to make sure that you haven’t been manipulated in your decision making process, that your final conclusion is not flawed in some way and that your decision is not biased. Making decisions may at times seem difficult, however it is the only way to stay in control of your time, your success and your life. Critical thinking has led me to make the decision to return to school, obtain a degree in psychology and change my career.

Critical Thinking and Decision Making
The decision making process involves the ability to think critically. Critical thinking is not necessarily being “critical” or negative, but instead it means evaluative thinking. (Rusbult, 2001). However, the result of an evaluation can range from positive to negative or from acceptance to rejection.”Making a decision is not something that you do from habit-it requires conscious thought.” (2006, p. 1). Critical thinking helps people in the decision making process in that it allows us to solve problems by selecting one course of action from another, thus using critical thinking skills helps contribute to quality decision making. Some things that should be avoided in critical thinking would be overgeneralization, getting personal, cause and effect, making false comparisons and saying or doing things that everyone will like.(Callahan, 1998). Critical thinking is thinking that follows careful evaluation of propositions and evidence and arrives at conclusions with as much objectivity as possible. Decision making is the process of making a choice through careful evaluation...
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