Best Practices and Strategies

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  • Published : April 28, 2012
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Discussion 1: Best Practices and Strategies

Create a list of best practices for ensuring the human resources function works effectively with top management and corporate governance.

Best Practices for ensuring the human resource functions works effectively with top management and corporate governance will vary depending on the organization mission. However here is a view of best practices that can be used: 1) Purpose: What is the basic reason for existence? 2) Mission: How have the top managers decided to fulfill its purpose? 3) Corporate, Business, and Functional Strategies: This is known as the strategic operations of a firm this the responsibility of the top managers. (a) Corporate Strategy: deals with determining what business the firm will operate. (b) Business Strategy: deals with how the firm will compete in each market where it conducts business. (c) Functional Strategy: deals with how the firm will manage each of its major functions (such as marketing, finance, and human resources).

4) Human Resource Strategy: Is to add value to the organization by providing expertise concerning how to use the firm’s human resources to accomplish its objectives and gain advantage. a. Staffing Strategy: HR planning; Recruiting; Selection; and Placement. b. Development Strategy: Performance Management; Training; Development; and Career Planning. c. Compensation Strategy: Wage/Salary structure; Employee Benefits; and Incentives. 5) Organization Design: The framework of jobs, positions, groups of positions, and reporting relationships among positions that are used to construct an organization. Ex: functional, conglomerate, and divisional. For this list of practices we will use the divisional design. a. Divisional Design aka M form (the M stands for multidivisional): Is made up of separate, semi autonomous units or divisions and each division has its own goals to...