Best Places to Work

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Best Places to Work

Samuel Glover


Michael Williams

January 13, 2013


Best Places to Work

This has been the fourth year in a row where Fortune Magazine has ranked Google as the best

company to work for. After reviewing a description of their work environment, the elements that I

identify that appear to foster employee motivation and group cohesion among employees are as

follows: First of all the company has been known for maintaining a laid back and easy going corporate

environment. This company believes that you do not necessarily have to be wearing a suit in order to be

taken seriously. Also known as “Googleplex”, the website points out that they have a bowling alley,

bocce courts, and twenty-five cafes company- wide so that their employees are never over one hundred

and fifty feet away from a well stocked pantry. Even if you are not at the top of this company, you are

still able to benefit success financially, for example Google software engineers are paid above any

average software engineers at other companies. “Google insists that its employees feel part of the

organization, and make that clear by emphasizing its innovations, from its health and retirement plans, BEST PLACES TO WORK 3

to its flexible and generous scheduling options for vacation and maternity leave, and even free laundry

facilities. Google's workers consistently point out how much time they spend at work, but just as

consistently identify it as one of the...
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