Best Places to Live

Topics: Switzerland, Zürich, City Pages: 2 (630 words) Published: March 29, 2012
Best places to live
Have you ever wondered what might be a really good place to live? The best places to live are often the ones which are dear to the heart,irrespective of the facilities and amenities,where one wants to spend his/her entire life. On the other hand,thinking materialistically,quality of life is the main factor, which I think would make me decide which are the best places to live. It takes into account, economic success such as per capita income, wealth and employment, and also, factors such as our environment, education, leisure, infrastructure and safety. Taking into account all the above mentioned factors,we can think about three places in the world which are considered to be the best places to live. Let's start by exploring Vienna,Austria. It has been named the world's best place to live, according to a report. Vienna is a culturally and historically vibrant city and is very well known for composers like Schubert and Strauss. It in addition to a refined cultural atmosphere,Vienna has a friendly business environment and excellent infrastructure. Also it has a very efficient and large transportation system and very safe streets. Recently, the Austrian capital reduced the cost of it's annual public transport ticket to one Euro. A very good public health service is the proverbial icing on the cake and it makes Vienna one of the nicest places to live in.

The alpine city of Zurich Switzerland, makes it to the number two spot on the best places to live list. Swiss cities are generally very clean and pleasant. They are also known to be very safe. Zurich is a major economic center and is home to large number of financial institutions and banks, such as UBS and Credit Suisse. Zurich, as well as Switzerland as a whole, is known for stable political environment and international relations. It also has a very well developed international schooling system and an absolute marvel of a stress free transportation system. It is known for not only the...
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