Best or Worst Essay

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  • Published : March 25, 2013
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One of the best relationships I have ever had was with a friend named Shaquille aka shedd. I called him shed it was his last name and in football we refer to people by their last names. It’s crazy now to think that this guy was one of my best relationships.

Its crazy because, when I first meet shedd I was putting all my things into my locker which was next to his he was a senior in college and I was just a freshman. He asked me who am I and where am i from in a very angry looking way. I responded im a freshman from Texas I play running back. He replied oh you’re a freshman we going to have some fun with you, and your locker is next to mine even better. Me not knowing what he meant I just responded ok. Later only over that fall camp I understood what he meant and that was literally make fun of me bully me and embarrass me.He and the other teammates would take socks out of my locker so I couldn’t have any to where.he would spray toothpaste all over my locker for me to clean up and all my equipment.He would put soap in front of my locker so I would slip when I got to my locker.He was just flat out mean to me.It wasn’t until camp was over when he stopped,and when I confronted him about it he said don’t worry all freshman go through it you will be ok.It was so hard to swallow that I still hated him but after I realized he went through it to it made me appreciate it and thank him and to this day he his is still my best friend and best relationship.
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