Best Girlfriend Essay

Topics: Friendship, Love, Time Pages: 3 (923 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Grayson Bubrosky
English Class
The Transformation Of the Girl From Colorado
Women are interesting creatures living on the planet Earth. They change everyday, sometimes even categorized as “emotional rollercoasters”. But, everyone is different, including Lucy, who changes throughout a course of time, from her childhood to her adulthood. Lucy is emotionally stable for a long period of time, but gradually her concepts and view of life alters when she enters the period in her life of adulthood. Pam Houston describes Lucy in a complex, yet simple fashion if you thoroughly analyze the narrator of The Best Girlfriend You Never Had. In this short story, it describes the life of Lucy, what she observes, and recapitulates the stories of her lie that happened during the past. Lucy changes from an independent, careless young girl, and blossoms into an observant, friendly woman, that is capable of succeeding in life when surrounded by the people who return her love.

Lucy is a very careless girl, but this applies only to the loneliness of her childhood and possibly adding a solemn tone to the emotions of Lucy during her youth. A young girl with a hard childhood has been impeded by her family members to overcome a lack of confidence and shyness, due to Lucy’s parents’ actions that could have been influenced through the rate of their alcohol usage. Lucy, careless as young human beings are, pulled a seven-hundred-pound cement urn off its pedestal and onto her legs, crushing both oh her femurs, stating that she believed that there were fish inside of the urn and that she wanted to see them. These careless mistakes resulted in an enjoyable “Best time of her childhood” period of time inside of the hospital. These six weeks were “the best of her childhood” because she gained friends, received presents, and was able to break out of her shell at the hospital without anyone judging her. She was able to be comfortable at this new “home-like” place, and did not feel a...
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