Best Friends Death

Topics: American films, Fireman Sam, Mind Pages: 2 (868 words) Published: October 23, 2011
That one night, that one accident, that changed everything in my life. When I look back on that night I can see everything happen again so vividly in my mind that it makes me shudder at the thought. It was a typical Friday night, Bailey, Sam, Alyssa, and I were having a sleepover at Alyssa’s house that night. Alyssa wanted to go for a late night drive with us. We all agreed that a drive sounded fun. Alyssa went up to her mom and asked, “Mom, can we go out for a drive? We will call you when we are driving back home.” Her mom replied, “Sure, just don’t forget to drive safe and be home at a decent time.” We had no clue where we were going; we just grabbed our purses and rushed out the door. I remember Alyssa was driving, Bailey called shotgun, and Sam and I were stuck in the back of Alyssa’s car. All of us girls agreed upon driving down PCH until we found somewhere we wanted to go. Like any other teenage girl going for a joy ride, Alyssa had the radio blaring. I remember saying, “It is really foggy out tonight, and you can barely see anything.” I don’t think anyone heard me over the loud music. “Just the way you are,” came on the radio and we blared it even louder as we were all screaming the lyrics out loud; occasionally looking at each other and cracking up. Before I knew it I looked up and saw a bright light heading towards the car, but I wasn’t sure what it was because my vision was blurred from laughing so hard that I was crying. I screamed at Alyssa to pay attention but it was too late. The last thing everyone heard in the car was me screaming, “Alyssa!” the screeching of the breaks on our car, and the sound of one car colliding into another. My heart was racing as my whole body lashed forward as the car got hit. Then, I blacked out. The sound of sirens woke me and this rush of pain came over my whole body. My whole body felt limp as I tried to scramble my thoughts together as to where I was and what had happened. I looked to my left and I saw Sam slowly...
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