Best Friend Essay!

Topics: Love, 2007 singles, 2005 singles Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: January 7, 2013
Richa!!!!!! Ur my twinneeyy wifey sister best friend my mom ur my everything! I love u! ♥ I have known u through my cuz which u dated AWKWARD! Haha we look alike lol we showed everyone saturday n they were like WOAH! Haha we no each other really well which is awesome ur my #1 best friend n no one can take that spot EVER! I love u with all my heart! We have has many many many memories together such as um.... Garba this year the candy ur jiju the coffee haha their sweet guys n awesome ones too haha now u can tell ur friend that like my devar that u actually talk to him Lolz omg so.... I love u Lolz I said that like a bunch when u cry I cry when I'm crazy I get ur craziness out of u haha that's how close we r. When I get married Lolz U will be the first one to know don't worry Lolz n I would NEVER EVER EVER go shopping with out u! Ur gorgeous n don't say ur not cuz when I c u I c me hahaha we r twins haha ur my girly n MY SIDDHI!!!!!!! I gave u the nickname siddhi hehehe now everyone calls u that yay I started ur nickname hahhaha at first we used to have absolutely nothing to talk bout but now we always talk bout everything haha love it! I love my crazy side n I love bringing out ur crazy side as well as mine! I loved the coffee n candy thing Saturday haha love how u care bout ppl even though u hate them unlike me hehhee u no my likes n dislikes as well as I know urs haha love u so u wanted an essay n this is kinda an essay but with lots of grammar n punctuation errors u no how much I hate la! Ughhh we argue like sisters but we get over it in less then 2 seconds haha so apparently now this is an essay!!! Haha I started writing all this before I even told u I was doing it a hahhaha so yeah we talk bout everything together u better not be hiding anything from me?! U r my girly n no one else can claim or they have to go through meeee! Lolz hehehe we act like each others mom when we have too which is awesome!we give each other our honest opinions! Haha even though we...
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