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Topics: Vietnamese culture, Vietnamese people, Vietnam Pages: 4 (1557 words) Published: November 18, 2012
I am always really impressed and excited by the girlstudents wearing Ao Dai coming out of schools every where in the city at the end of class time. That image is indeed beautiful and so rich in the Vietnamese culture! However, we may be forgetting such a lovely image because of the current tendency for cultural intergration .The white Ao Dai has been gradually replaced by the self-designed skirts matched with shirts as usually seen in the Korean or Japanese movies . Seeing this reality, we, highschool students support the concept of maintaining the Ao Dai as the official uniform for highschool girlstudents. (Introduce members of group)

So why do we should keep using Ao Dai as school girls’ uniform? 1. First of all, the Ao Dai is a kind of dress that represents most deeply the nationality of the Vietnamese people. People never take the Vietnamese Ao Dai for the Japanese Kimono, for the Korean Hanbok or the Chinese Xam gown.With a long history related to that of the development of the Vietnamese people, the Ao Dai has become a typical tradition, rich in national cultural essence.In other words, the Ao Dai is the national costume for the Vietnamese women. That is why female delegates, leaders’ Ladies dress themselves in Ao Dai at the national or international conferences in order to affirm the sense of national superiority. The contestants for the global beauty contests always wear Ao Dai to promote the Vietnamese image. Right in our country, every day, every hour do we see the Vietnamese women in the national Ao Dai at hotels, restaurants, banks, post offices, schools and offices as well. The Ao Dai bears in itself the image of a country, Vietnam with an abundant cultural core. 2. The Ao Dai not only symbolizes the national tradition, but also glorifies the beauty of the Vietnamese women, especially the white Ao Dai has been connected with the softness and purity of the Vietnamese girlstudents for long time. With the simple but...
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