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Topics: Hydrology, Water, Kedah Pages: 7 (1827 words) Published: May 17, 2013

1.0. Introduction
Malaysia's rapid development with the implementation of major programs in agriculture, infrastructure, industrial and commercial. However, like other countries, Malaysia is not spared from facing the problem of flooding either natural or caused by development and logging are not planned. Therefore, Malaysia took the initiative to create and implement flood mitigation projects to reduce flood-hit areas. Implementation of flood mitigation projects have shown satisfactory results Flood Mitigation Plan (RTB) City of Seremban and Klang Valley RTB. If the flood mitigation project is not implemented, then the total damage caused by floods will rise and many losses.

The provisions of the Flood Mitigation Plan Program has been implemented as a whole after the country suffered floods in 1971. Various measures have been taken to overcome the flood establish the Permanent Commission of Flood Control, Flood Disaster Relief Mechanisms, conducting research and preparing the river basin "Drainage Master Plan 'for major cities, the implementation of structural and non-structural methods, creating a flood forecasting and warning systems and establishing a network of data collection stations and flood hydrology. In order to ensure the effectiveness of the flood problem, Eco-Friendly Drainage Manual (MASMA) was introduced in 2000 to replace the "Procedure No1 (1975) Planning and Design" and "Design Rainfall Estimates. All parties involved in implementing projects to solve flooding to mobilize resources and give priority to the implementation of efforts to overcome the flood disaster. Sungai Muda identified as flood-prone areas, especially during the rainy season is from April to May and September to November each year.

As we know, in Kedah floods often occur at the end of the year. For example, large floods have occurred in the years 1949, 1967, 1988,1995 and 1998. As a result of floods in the year, estimated at 8.370 and the houses of 100 km of residential and agricultural areas involved have been destroyed. Total annual damage estimated at between RM2 million to RM4 million common during floods and in the extraordinary flood of 1988, loss of property and agricultural products is estimated at RM 16 million.

1.1 The causes of flooding:
* Steep river catchments.
* River not able to accommodate the flow.
* Building erected flooding.
* Rapid development in the surrounding area and nearby cities such as Sik, Baling and Kuala Ketil. * Align Ampang size is not enough.
* Prolonged rainfall in the catchment.

1.2 To overcome this problem, the government through the Department of Irrigation and Drainage Malaysia has implemented the Muda River Flood Mitigation Project. With the completion of this project, it will solve the problem of flood-prone area.

The scope of the entire River Basin Flood Mitigation Project Assistant as follows: * From the Bridge Sidam to the Muda River Estuary over 40 km. * City of Kuala Ketil over 5 km.
* City Sik over 2 km.
* Throw all
* Town 4 km.

The overall cost estimate provided by the federal government for the project is about RM 400 million. The project is implemented in design and Build by two contractors Redmax Sdn. Bhd and Heroes Career Sdn. Ltd, where Merdeka Bridge as a divisor of both the contractor. The project is expected to be completed in mid-2006.

Why This Project To Be Implemented?
* This project is very important because it will benefit the surrounding residents who are the lifeblood of the economy. * Repairs the river is not only beneficial to the areas near, but also can promote socio-economic activities in the Muda River Basin. * This project aims to reduce property damage due to floods. * Environmental rivers can serve as a beautiful recreational sites for tourist attraction. * The proposed new design on the river make it easier for river maintenance works including works...
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