Best Economic System

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  • Published : March 20, 2011
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Best economic system
You could make arguments for any of these but I think history has show us pretty clearly that mixed types that lean heavily toward capitalism are Superior at creating wealth for its people. By the way this is a bit of a trick because all economic systems are mixed. For example, in America, a "capitalist country" our education system is pure socialism--That's why it doesn't work like it should.

So you might come to the conclusion that if we made a country that were pure capitalism that it would be even more wealthy. This would be true if you could get private parties to do all the things that governments typically do. Many typically government things are extremely risky investments or investments that would be very difficult to sell. Examples are: road systems, sometimes power plants in new countries, and Education. Education could be capitalized with a couture system though and these systems have proven to be far superior to the current socialized education that is most popular among teachers unions and the ignorant public that they hope to keep.

Now income the Japanese. They know in order to get your business they have to build better and or more appealing cars. For me, capitalism is the best economic system, because capitalism is an economic system in which the means of production are distributed to openly competition profit-seeking private persons and where investments, distribution, income production and pricing of goods are predominantly determined through the operation of a free marked where anyone can participate in supply and demand. So if our only purpose was to have a better economy, Capitalism is the only way to go. In the long run, the economic system which renders the greatest growth will tend to dominate. Socialists like to believe that free-market economic growth will tend to crystallize a power structure and increase inequality. But as the size of the economy has no clearly defined boundary (it can go on forever),...
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