Best Decision I'Ve Ever Made

Topics: Minimum wage, Psychology, Personality psychology Pages: 2 (560 words) Published: April 14, 2013
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The improvements I need to make in my personalities are my mood swings , to be more open minded , and control my temper. I have mood swings like crazy . I’ll be happy one minute , laughing hanging out with my friends . Than all of sudden my whole demeanor changed the person I’m talking to can be talking about a certain topic over and over again repeatedly. Or talking to loud like were on a football field an I’m on one side and there on the other side of the field , in other words yelling. That switches my mood to irritated an annoyed. My mind starts to shut off not hearing anything there saying , but thinking of an excuse to leave. The next is being more open minded to suggestions or just different changes . I’m just stuck in my own routine everyday in the same group of friends . It’s like I’m scared to go out my circle. I stick to the same jobs, friends , and hanging out at the same spots. I be applying to minimum wage jobs , thinking I m not qualified enough or want be able to meet their expectations. I don’t like to go out the circle of friends I have . Meeting new people having to spend all that time getting to know them , and seeing if I can rely on them is a lot of work. I have trust issues with people already I’m not the type to just open up to anyone right off the back. I just don’t like getting out my comfort zone . So being more open minded is the second thing I would like to change. The third is my temper . I let people and things get under my skin to quick, and I raise my voice an blood pressure. For example I use to work at fast food , and customer service is a must. Even if the customer is rude we still have to be nice an polite . Or if I ‘m having a conversation with a person an I ask them a question its just a yes or no answer. The person may give a long speech , but still don’t answer the question like their avoiding it. That ticks me off like really it took this long an the question still isn’t answered. The next is...
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