Best Day

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Have you ever felt the emotion when you are going to see your favorite band or singer alive in a concert. This happened to me when I went to Sofia last year to see one of my favorite singers Enrique Iglesias. It was fantastic experience that I will never forget.

The day was near, it was ten days befor the concert, and every day I asked my father for permission and money. One day he finally said “yes”, and he gave me the money. He told me that it was the gift for my birthday. I was so happy and immediately called my friend to tell her about the news. The next day we bought our tickets and we were waiting for the big day.We couldn’t believe that we would be in the most waited concert on September 29th , we never thought that in few hours, we would sing all the song of our favorite singer.

When we arrived,we sat in the chairs, and we were waiting for Enrique. The lights turned off and all the auditory screamed like they were crazy. The orchestra began to play one of my favorite songs. The best singer appeared in the scene. That moment was so awesome and exciting for me, and everyone was all of the songs.

In conclusion, I will tell tha, the concert was a big experience for me and I was so happy. At the end, we bought some souvenirs from the concert, like a shirt, some posters and a cup. The concert finished at 12 p.m. and we came back to our town with an experience that I will never forget. I will remember this moment as if it had been yesterday.
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